About MJI

The director of Myanmar Journalism Institute U Kyaw Min Swe

The Myanmar Journalism Institute (MJI) was founded in May 2014 by 39 local media organisations and media houses. It was founded as a locally owned and run media training organisation with international support to build the capacity of the media in Myanmar and to promote professionalism and freedom of expression.

MJI is the only independently run training institution in Myanmar that offers a recognised diploma in multi-media. MJI runs both a Full-Time Diploma Course for new students wishing to become qualified journalists, and Specialised Courses for currently working journalists wishing to improve and expand upon their skills. In addition MJI offers a number of bespoke short courses throughout the year on specialist topics (including climate change reporting, conflict sensitive journalism, data journalism and community media).

MJI has links to numerous international learning institutions across the globe. We use a combination of highly trained Myanmar media trainers and international specialist trainers (in areas such as radio, broadcast, video, photography and online journalist). MJI offer international recognised best practice training for local Myanmar journalists.

MJI alumni are recognised by the media houses as some of the best trained in the country, and have moved immediately into media industry jobs or improved positions for existing journalists.

Since July 2014, MJI has trained over 700 journalists in various cities and different communities all over the country.